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Firstly, why become a McKenzie Friend

People typically want to become McKenzie friends because:

  • They have been through difficulties themselves and want to help other people

  • They wish to achieve change in the system

  • They might be a law student or aspiring young gun barrister looking to do pro bono cases


Whatever the reasons court is a difficult place to be, a lot of people seem to think that going along to support someone and just being strong for them is enough, unfortunately it isn’t.  

Being a good McKenzie friend means that:

  • You can make the court process work for your client, to show them where and in what way they need to fight their case

  • You have a thorough understanding of all the Court Orders, to know what they all mean and what they do

  • You know what each hearing is for and what end it is there to achieve

  • You actually understand the court processes from discussions with solicitors, making agreements, or helping write statements and are able to guide your client through them

  • You know what each professional’s role is

  • You are able to help your client behave correctly in court

  • You understand the paperwork fully and what needs to be done, outline how to write a statement for them

  • Give them guidance and help them understand what to expect

  • You know how to help plan the case, pre-empt issues and problems, to help your client through a traumatic experience where they themselves find it difficult to maintain a level head.

  • Help the court make the best decision for your client but also the child

For further information click here to view a Guide for a McKenzie Friend produced by the Australian Family Law Web Guide Forum.

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