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Great Online Resources for Self Represented Litigants (SRL's) for Family Court Matters

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

I came across www.familylawexpress.com.au the other day from a Linkedin Connection and was pleased such a robust resource portal existed to assist SRL's.

The portal has recent cases, templates, how to's, links to free or bro bono legal services and much much more... Have a look!

There are several 'Pro Bono' Legal Schemes the public can apply for if you can't afford a solicitor. If you are a self represented litigant with no support, click below on your State of residence to apply for legal assistance:

We have come across some very reasonable, cost effective, brilliant family law legal practitioners, Barristers and McKenzie Friends over the years, so give McKenzie Friend a call and we can refer depending on which state you are in.

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