Fees & Engagement Understanding


On offer is a 1 hour free consultation / conversation by phone or over a cup of coffee to obtain a broad overview of your matter and discuss what you want to achieve. I will provide you with my thoughts. 





If you wish to engage one of our McKenzie Friend network, charges are less than a quarter of the cheapest solicitors. This rate is paid in advance and is billed as you utilise our time and services. In comparison, many lawyers charge in 10 or 15 minute time blocks even if you only speak to them for 5 minutes. 

Hourly rate: $50 (excluding GST)

A real life example is:-

Typically the first round of court application forms in preparation for an initial hearing takes 2-4 hours to compile after being provided with a word document containing all factual evidence.


McKenzie Friend fee would be $100 - $200.

As opposed to a family lawyer who charge a minimum of $350 / hr totally $700 - $1,400 plus printing costs per page. 


For a McKenzie Friend to attend court with you, fees are:

$50 / hr capped at 7 hours 

plus travel expenses

Expenses - petrol, parking, accommodation, flights at cost.

So a maximum McKenzie Friend fee of $$350 for a full day plus travel.


In comparison, a lawyer's minimum charge out rate would be $350 / hr for 7 hours, totally $2,450 plus expenses.

Engagement Understanding

No liability terms

We provide assistance and experience as opposed to legal advice and therefore will not be responsible for any adverse decisions in your case resulting from our support or documents that we have helped you prepare or guidance given to you.


If you require advice as to the legal merits of your application or on what to say in statements and or applications, you should consult a qualified solicitor. The Law Society in your state can assist.

A Client Support Agreement containing all terms and conditions needs to be executed before support  services begin  

We also consider Volunteering as a  McKenzie Friend 

on a case by case basis